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For the dumpling dough

– 2 cups(about 10 oz) unbleached all purpose flour (plus extra for flouring kneading surface)

–  3/4 cup of water at room temperature

***This amount of dough would make about 20 to 30 wrappers. However, if it is your first time making dumplings from scratch, increase the dough amount by at CHINESSE DUMPLING

least 30%, that will give you room to practice and reduce the pressure to make perfectly thin wrappers.

For the Fillings( makes around 30 dumplings)

 – 2/3 lb ground beef, or any type of ground meat you like

–  5 cups of chopped green squash. The volume will shrink by 50% after you salt it.

–  2 tablespoon olive oil

–  1/2 teaspoon black pepper

–  1/2 to 1 teaspoon salt

 – 1 chopped onion



Clean the Green squash and chop them.

Toss the chopped squash in a bowl with 1/2 teaspoon salt, set aside for 15 minutes. Water will start pooling at the bottom of the bowl. Squeeze out as much water as you can, and the squash will be reduced to half the volume from before.

Next add olive oil, onion, salt and black pepper to the ground beef. The filling should be shiny, fragrant, and it should hold together. Next add the squash and stir until everything is combined.


Pre-made wrappers can be used to save time. When you want to indulge yourself and loved ones, handmade fresh wrappers are worth a try. =)

Keep some plastic wrap handy to cover your dough and wrappers from drying out, and flour them lightly to keep from sticking. Start with 1/2 lb of the dough; roll it into 12″ long and 1″ wide log, cut it into 12-15 pieces. Press to flatten each piece.

Take one disk, and start rolling from edge to center with a small rolling pin in one hand, and rotating the disk with the other hand after each roll. Keep rolling until you have a disk about 3″ in diameter.

This technique helps to create a wrapper that is thinner towards the edge and thicker at the center. So the dumpling is strong enough to hold lots of fillings, yet delicate and not too doughy.


Filling and Shaping Dumplings


Cook the Dumplings

Now it’s only minutes away from biting into a luscious dumpling! Boiled dumplings taste more refreshing, and fried ones taste richer.

To fry the dumplings, place a non-stick skillet over medium high heat, add 2 tablespoons of oil and swirl. Place the dumplings in, try not to have them touching each other. After 1 or 2 minutes, you will hear a sizzle sound starting to happen, add 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup of water and cover the lid. Lower the heat to medium and let the dumplings steam for about 5 minutes. By now the water will have evaporated. Remove the lid; check if the bottoms of the dumplings have formed a nice golden crust. If not, let them cook uncovered a little longer.

To boil the dumplings, bring a big pot of water – about 3 quarts, to a rapid boil, drop the dumpling gently into the pot, keep the high heat, stir gently so the dumpling don’t stick to the pot, and wait till the water comes back to a boil. Now pour a cup of cold water (0.5 cup if you are using a smaller pot with less water) into the pot and let it come back to boil again. This gives more time for the filling to steam inside, while not over cooking the wrapper. Repeat this step one more time, and when the dumplings float to the surface, and 5 to 7 minutes have passed, scoop them out onto a strainer and transfer to a plate.


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1 medium onion
1 bag baby spinach
Black pepper
chili powder
1/2 cup feta cheese

15-20 uncooked tortillas

Chop the onion in the chopper. Mix washed spinach, black pepper, chili powder and chopped onion together. Add feta cheese and mix. Place 1 tbsp spinach mixture on the half of tortilla and fold the uncovered half to cover the filling. Put flatbreads on a nonstick pan and cook both sides until golden brown on a medium heat. Finally, brush the gozleme with butter. Serve hot.

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Chi Kofte


2 cups fine cracked wheat
5 green onions
1 cup chopped parsley
3 cloves of garlic
1 small onion
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp red pepper paste
½ tbsp dried red pepper
½ tbsp isot (dried red pepper from Southeastern region of Turkey)
½ tbsp groun cumin
½ tbsp dried mint
1 lemon
1 cup oil
3 eggs
1 cup hot water
Blackpepper, salt

Place the wheat into a large bowl. Add tomato and red pepper paste, add also dried red pepper, blackpepper, isot, cumin and salt. Finely chop onion and garlic, add onto the wheat and start mixing everything by kneading. Add one cup of hot water and continue to knead until the wheat gets tender. Chop parsley and green onions, add to the kofte mix.

Place the oil in a large pot and let it heat up. Beat 3 eggs and cook in the oil. Add cooked eggs and lemon juice into kofte mix. Mix everything first with a spoon and by kneading. Take a small piece from the mixture, give it a cylinder shape with your palms and squeeze.

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2 cups fine bulghur
2 cups hot water
1 cup flour
1 tablespoon tomato paste
½ teaspoon ground cumin
1 egg
1 tablespoon lemon juice, Salt
1 tablespoon sour pomegranate molasses
3-4 grated tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic, minced
½ tablespoon oil
1 teaspoon tomato paste
Black pepper, red pepper
Chopped parsley
Dried mint flakes

In a bowl wet bulghur with hot water. Cover with a clean kitchen towel or a lid and let soak for 10 minutes. Later, add tomato paste and ground cumin and knead about 15 minutes. Add the flour and egg and make dough. Take dime size pieces from the mix and roll it in between your palms. Press on top with your index finger, use warm water to wet your hand to prevent sticking and place then on a tray. In a big pot add about 2 quarts of water, salt and lemon juice and boil. Throw the balls in boiling water slowly. Boil the button shaped balls about 15-20 minutes and drain the water after they are cooked. Meantime, prepare the sauce by putting the oil into a pan and mixing it with tomato paste, grated tomatoes and minced garlic. Simmer them all until cooked. Add sour pomegranate molasses last and turn off the heat. Add salt, black pepper, red pepper, dried mint and parsley as desired. Serve fellah balls with the sauce.

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